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Raised Vegetable Garden Beds

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raised vegetable garden bedsImagine being able to walk out your back door and snip oregano or fresh basil along with picking squash or zucchini from your raised vegetable garden beds.  If you love to cook and want to experiment try planting herbs in with y your vegetables.

Wouldn’t you be inspired to cook more if you could have fresh tomatoes, basil, onion and fresh oregano to make a delicious marinara sauce? Or how about a Sunday frittata with a beautiful red pepper, onion and zucchini.

Plant vegetables that are based on your family eating habits so you do not over plant. For a family of four you may want to plant 10-15 plants of broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbage. For squash plant 1-3 plants. Spinach you’ll need about 20 seeds in a row of about 10-20 feet long. Plant about 10-15 tomato plants. There are so many varieties of tomatoes so pick the ones you will like or try a few different varieties.  If you’re unsure how many plants to plant for each vegetable and herbs you can check on the internet or speak with a master gardener at your local nursery. If you find you have more than your family can eat, you can always share your abundance of vegetables with your friends

If you have trouble trying to plan out your raised vegetable garden beds, there are plenty of websites that can help you plan out your rows.  To plan the layout of your raised vegetable garden beds, have the taller plants seeded where they won’t cast shade on the smaller plants. You also want to plant according to the size of the garden. Read the labels on the width and height of the plants when they are mature and ready for harvest.

People try gardening and fall in love with it. It turns from a hobby to a passion. With so many varieties to try you can grow anything. Raised vegetable garden beds are a great experience for the entire family. Teach your children at a young age and you will have created a gardener for life.

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