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Raised Garden Bed Advantages

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raised gardenThere are many advantages to a raised garden bed. More and more people are finding the ease of raised garden beds to be a refreshing change from the traditional backbreaking gardens.

  • Small enough to work around.
  • Can still garden despite rainy weather that can make traditional gardens all muddy and mucky.
  • You can control the soil quality to the plants needs.
  • With the raised bed garden you will have higher yields, because you will be maximizing your planting area.
  • Less weeding.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Extended growing season. With the raised beds the sun heats the soil faster which is helpful in both spring and fall when the temperatures vary and can get colder over night.
  • Better drainage for the plants root system.
  • You can put a raised bed garden anywhere, rooftops, patios and even terraces.
  • Great for beginners.
  • Design possibilities are endless. You can make a raised bed of any size for any space. This is where you can let your imagination and creativity run free.
  • Crops are more easily protected. There are more ways to attach netting to protect your crops from birds or butterflies and other damaging animals.

The disadvantages, and there are very few are:

  • Disassembling or moving the raised garden can be heavy and hard to do.
  • The upfront cost to build, add soil.
  • The elbow grease needed to turn over the beds for the following year since no heavy machinery can be used.

People have been planting raised bed gardens forever. Raised bed gardens are planters you put on your porch, planters that you can hang or attach to your porch rails. It is common for people to only plant flowers, but it is just as easy to throw vegetables in with the flowers or make separate raised garden beds. You will feel tremendous satisfaction when gardening. With all these advantages outweighing the disadvantages, why not give it try? You might just discover your green thumb yet.

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