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The Joy of Raised Flower Beds

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I have always loved the spring, when I could start planning my gardens and what I could plant in my raised flower beds and containers I had. You will totally enjoy the ease of a raised flower bed that you can not get with the traditional garden beds.

When you get your beds prepped and ready for planting that is the time to let your creativity run wild.  You will want to look for plants if by catalog, that work well in your growing zone. If you go to the local nursery they will already have the proper plants for the zoning area. At that time you will want to look at plants with specific light exposure needs and plant with like plants so that your gardens thrive.

If you are going to mix colors go with a vibrant yellow and try adding some blues or purple flowers.  If you your doing purple try a soft pink or rose colored flower. Another stunning combination is purple flowers, such as purple aster with orange butterfly weed and yellow daylilies.  Do not forget to add some foliage in your raised flower beds. Use them to contrast the color or to add some texture to your gardens.  Add a silver plant like a dusty miller plant of lamb’s ear.

With raised flower beds you can add another design element you couldn’t add with a traditional garden, which is cascading plants. Plant some cascading plants such as creeping charlie, ivy, nasturtiums or pennyworths.

If you have a love for hummingbirds and want to see them in your garden than plant flowers that will attract them to your yard. I find hummingbirds so fascinating that I planted some red columbine, roses of sharon, trumpet vines and trumpet honeysuckle outside a window so I could watch them fly up and get the nectar from the plants. How about butterflies? Plant a butterfly bush, asters or purple coneflower.

You will enjoy gardening in a whole new way when you find the ease of a raised flower beds. You may even find your inner gardener along with some good garden therapy. Being out in nature, nurturing the gardens you made can bring an inner peace.

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