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Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

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raised bed vegetable gardenWhen planning a raised bed vegetable garden the process is similar to the traditional planting of a vegetable garden.  Raised bed vegetable gardening does take some thought, planning and preparation. It can be very rewarding when you harvest the beautiful vegetables, fruits and herbs for your family to enjoy. It allows you to be creative and use and recycle old containers, old lumber and even brick materials. The possibilities are endless and what and where you can put your raised bed vegetable garden.


Location is important when considering any type of garden. You have to consider the different types of plants your planting, how much light will be required and even the different soil pH levels the plants require. Taking all of these things into consideration will give you your highest yield of the crops.

Height Requirements

After determining your location and determining which plants can be planted together in your raised bed gardens, you should consider the plants height requirements.  Read the labels on the plants you plan to use carefully.  It is important to know how deep your planter boxes need to be in order to have a healthy root system and a viable harvest.


The make up and preparation of the soil is determined by whether or not you are starting fresh or need to revitalize an old bed from a previous harvest. Choose soil components that have soil particles, such as sand, silt or clay. Bags of topsoil fortified with organic materials can be used to make a rich and nutrient dense soil. Mulch or straw as a layer to the raised bed vegetable garden is a great addition, which will go over the top of the garden bed. Even your recycle matter such as newspaper can be used in the preparation of your bed.

A raised bed vegetable garden has become more popular than ever. They are versatile and can allow you more planting freedom than traditional gardens. They allow you to start small and experiment as you your build confidence. It is also a wonderful way for beginner gardeners to start growing their green thumbs!

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