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Raised Bed Kits for Gardening Ease!

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Raised beds can be constructed out of several types of materials. They can also be put in several types of containers. Instead of trying to figure everything out there are many raised bed kits out there that can get you started.

Cedar Raised Bed Kits

The cedar kits come with everything except for the soil and plants. The wood is untreated and rot-resistant. Some kits are more decorative than others.

Self-Watering Raised Bed Kits

These will come with a two 4-gallon reservoir system that will continually water a 9 square foot, 12-inch deep planting area. These units can be decorative and will run about $150-170.

Vertical Growing Garden Kits

These kits give you more square footage in your gardening space. Plants that travel and grow upward can grow up a net while allowing you to plant low-lying plants below, maximizing your growing surface area.

Sturdy Galvanized Raised Beds

The rugged galvanized sheet metal is a superior material for raised beds. Vertical ribs add strength and a finished look. Easy, no-tools assembly and value price makes this perfect for any gardener. The generous 10-inch depth helps retain moisture and provides plenty of root space for everything from salad greens, peppers and tomatoes to carrots, squash and even potatoes. You can get one of these kits anywhere from $65 – 100.

Woolly Pocket Wall System

Made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles. The pockets are soft-sided, breathable, modular and infectiously fun! They are made in the USA by Woolly. They come with all the hardware and instructions needed to hang as easy as a picture. Breathing, living art!

There are so many possibilities out there for all of your needs. If you’re limited on space you can create a raised garden anywhere.

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