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Raised Bed Gardening is Easier!

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raised bed gardeningWant a solution for the rising cost of produce at the grocery store? Than try raised bed gardening. The benefits of the raised garden are that it is temporary, easy for beginners, low maintenance and will reduce your grocery bill. It is a project that can be completed in one weekend and you will have fresh and healthy vegetable for your family.

To some people thinking about planting a garden can be a daunting task. If you think about your yard, the digging, tilling, planting and the constant weeding of a traditional garden you may change your mind quickly. Welcome to raised vegetable garden beds, they are a breeze!

Raised vegetable garden beds can be temporary and placed in any number of places in your yard or on your patio. You won’t have to make a mess of your yard digging and taking up valuable space. If you want to, you can incorporate the gardens into your landscape making a beautiful addition to your yard. They can be placed in containers, planters, old barrels or a stacked box designs.

Raised vegetable garden beds are great for beginners. Constructing the beds can be a weekend project. Hearty vegetables plants will do well for any beginner. There will also be no more need for bending or backaches. You can make the beds as low or as high as you need. Elevated beds are great for people who have limited abilities, but still love to garden. You can also plant the vegetables that your family loves to eat. Try a fresh salsa blend of onion, jalapeno, green peppers and tomatoes.

The maintenance of the garden bed is very low. Plant marigolds – they repel insects. With a traditional garden there is a lot of weeding to do. With a raised bed garden your weeding will be low. This is because of the quality of soil you will use with have less impurities in the soil that will create weeds. Raised gardens also mean no pests like rabbits or slugs invading your garden. It is also great for conserving water.

Raised bed gardening is easy and can be a big impact to your grocery bill. So if you’re thinking about a raised bed garden and you’re unsure of your skills start small, because when you grow your own produce you will know that you’re providing your family with healthy organic produce. Canning or preserving will extend the abundance of the wonderful harvest you will be getting from your raised vegetable garden beds. So plant away!

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