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How to Build A Raised Garden Bed

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how to build a raised garden bedSo you want to build a raised garden bed?  There is something so rewarding about watching  a seedling or a starter plant grow.  As you know, all projects need to start with a plan!

How to build a raised garden bed?

Raised garden beds are done by planting flowers, vegetables or herbs in a raised bed structure.  Either you’ll be using a framed structure or pots to plant in. Some knowledge of construction is good to have or buy a kit with all the parts and instructions included.

Raised Garden Bed Design

Determine where you want the raised beds to go, if you want to incorporate the raised garden bed into the landscape or have it as a stand alone garden.

Raised Garden Bed Construction

Mark the garden space with a chalk string. Have your supplies ready, and decide whether or not you are going to lay down a plastic barrier or dig straight into the ground. Construct your frame according to the kits instructions.  Secure all your joints with the proper hardware. Be careful to use properly treated wood for your frame.  Chemically treated wood can damage or even kill your plants. Once you have constructed the beds you’ll be ready to plant.

Raised Garden Bed Soil

The soil is essential for healthy plants.  This is an advantage you have from traditional gardening where the ground may have been drained of it nutrients.  You will be starting off with nutrient rich soil that you add compost materials to.  Consult your local nursery and ask for a good soil blend. Depending on the size of the raised garden it may be a good idea to buy in bulk to save on the cost. The raised garden bed soil will be loose and light-weight with the proper drainage for a healthy garden bed.

Raised Garden Bed Plants

Plant flowers and vegetables your family will love and that you will use up so as to not waste the produce grown.  There are so many choices of vegetables and flowers that the skies the limit.

A good project starts with a great idea and needs a plan. Building a raised garden isn’t rocket science, but needs to be thought out. Learning how to build a raised garden bed and gathering all your material becomes a great weekend project, so you can be on your way to a bountiful harvest!

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