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Raised Bed Gardening Supplies – You’ll Need Them!

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gardening suppliesIf you are just starting out or you are an avid gardener everyone needs gardening supplies to make their garden grow. It is a good idea to have all your gardening supplies when you start.  Here is some helpful information on what you might need for your gardening adventure to help maintain, accessorize and fertilize your garden.

To maintain your garden you’ll need a gardening tool set that has a trowel, fork, scoop, shears and stakes.  Invest in a soil testing kit such as The Environmental Concepts Soil Test Kit, which has a list of over 450 plants and their soil requirements. Irrigation is important and there are kits for this as well to help with your plants water requirements. A drip irrigation kit will allow for the proper amount of water to maintain a healthy bed for the plants by not over soaking and allowing the water to drown the root system and kill the plants.

Accessorizing your garden may not have crossed your mind, but you should have plant makers and pest nets.  If your garden is being attacked by birds get yourself a bird control pop-up net to protect your plants. Not sure where the sun shines and for how long, pick up these SunSticks to tell you exactly where and for how long the sun shines to help your plants thrive.

Fertilization can make or break your garden. Just like the human body, plants need nutrients, food and water to survive.  Pick up a few of these products for your garden. Mycorrhizal fungi root builder are tiny, harmless critters that attach themselves to plant roots and actually help plants to make use of water and organic nutrients in the soil. Rich Earth™ is a 100% Natural Mineral Soil Conditioner adds essential minerals back into your garden soil and dramatically improves the health of your plants and the nutrient content of your fruits and vegetables.

There are many more gardening supplies that you can use to make your garden flourish. Different zones and plant need require different products. So be sure to consult a master gardener or visit your local nursery for some help.

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