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Garden Soil Is Important!

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garden soilGarden soil preparation for your raised bed can be confusing and overwhelming. Soil is soil, right? Wrong! You want to give your garden the best start it can get. It is kind of like preparing your kids for the world; you give them the guidance and watch them grow. Same is true for your plants. Start your plants off with the best possible garden soil, so they can grow healthy and strong and produce an abundance of produce or flowers to be enjoyed.

What makes up a good garden soil combination? Start with organic matter such as compost. Now might be a good time to start a compost pile. It has many benefits for you, your plants and the environment.  To prepare the garden soil, add one half organic matter to one half soil.  Then add sand or a fine grit to the soil to help with drainage. It would be a good idea to visit your closest nursery to see if it is beneficial to buy the soil in bags or in bulk. Top soil is not a regulated product so be sure to use a reputable nursery or supplier. The nursery should be able to provide you with data on the quality of their soil.

How important is the pH of your garden soil? pH is very important to your  garden soil, because different types of plants require varying degrees of soil acidity. Once you mix up all the components of your soil mixture you can take it to your garden center where they can test it for you.  An alternative would be to invest in an inexpensive home pH tester. Adjust your pH accordingly by using a limestone, which will increase the pH over 6 months, or use wood ash to raise the pH and provide potash, an important nutrient.  Use wood ash only if you need to raise the pH quickly instead of over time.

Building healthy soil is an ongoing process.  By making healthy garden soil a focus at the start of assembling a garden, you will have a head start on creating a sustainable organic crop. Investing in the proper test equipment puts you steps ahead in achieving the result you are looking for. Tending a garden is like raising children. With love and care it will flourish!

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