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Garden Plans for Raised Beds

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garden plansRaised bed gardening allows the gardener a wide array of sizes and garden plans to create a functional garden. Simple planters or containers can be used or you can make a raised garden bed that is shallow, deep or elevated and it can be constructed out of several types of material as well. You can also recycle items you already have.  The choices are limitless. The types of garden plans for raised garden beds are listed below.

Shallow garden beds are raised beds less than 1 foot providing enough soil for flowers and some vegetables.

Deep garden beds are raised to over 1 foot up chest or waist high. It allows for easy access and less bending. These are better for deep rooting plant systems.

Elevated garden beds are off the ground commonly on stilts or legs. They are the best for shallow-rooting flowers, herbs and vegetables. Elevated garden beds are also good for avid gardeners with limited physical abilities.

There are several types of materials that can be used to construct a raised gardening bed. Wood, which is more common and inexpensive, allows you a lot of creativeness. I recommend Red Cedar, which is resistant to rot and insects. You can find many garden plans for different garden on the internet or in book stores.  The raised garden can be constructed from concrete blocks, bricks, stone, hay bails, straw, wine barrels, tires or buckets or find other organic materials.  It is a temporary method and very organic.

Raised gardening beds allow you to construct gardens that are useful and ornate.  Someone just getting started may not want to take up a lot of room in their yard to see if they may enjoy the whole gardening experience. You get great satisfaction out of seeing your hard work growing in the gardens you have built. So, whether you start small and plant herbs or build a more advanced raised garden bed, there are many different garden plans to fit any need you may have.

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